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XGK Series Helical - Hypoid Gear Units

--Larger reduction ratio with hard surface hypoid bevel gear and helical gear drive

--Big output torque, high transmission efficiency, energy-saving

--Fine casting of aluminum alloy, light weight , rust-proof

--Stable transmission, low noise, suitable for the terrible working condition

--Good appearance and durability, small volume

--A variety of mounting positions, wide application, easy using

--Mounting dimension is interchangeable with RV series worm gear reducer

--Modularity on design

Input :  connected with standard flange motor and servo motor with multiple specifications  

Output :  hollow shaft and solid shaft

--Multi-stages gear drive 

 It is divided into two-stage drive (one hypoid bevel gear and one helical gear) and three-stage drive (one hypoid bevel gear and two helical gears). Compared with RV series worm gear and worm shaft structure, it has more refined ratio and wider application.


XGK Series Helical - Hypoid Gear Units


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