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Starshine change in diathesis
Sourec:      Time:17:19           Date:2016-10-08


On October 8,in 2016, Starshine Drive held on the theme of "Starshine change in diathesis" of the 6S Management Startup Conference. All the Starshine staff participated in the general assembly. The meeting was chaired by the Executive Department Manager Huang Honghui.

At the meeting, the Chairman Li Hua Lin made a lively interpretation of the  relationship between 6S and us with the generation and control of  various types of noise in the scene, and it made everyone understanding the real meaning of 6S fully. Hard working, develop the good habits of our life and enhance their own literacy can benefit to their own, their families and the society ultimately.

After the speech, the host showed the company's current 6S problems through the pictures. Xu Cheng, the product division deputy general manager, be as a representative of the management briefly analyzed the issue, and he encouraged all members to meet the challenges and win the 6S management battle.

Zhu Shuhua, the Gear Division colleague and Chen Weixu, the worm Gear Division colleague, are as the staff representatives. They  combined with their own positions to analysis the improtant impact of 6S management to their work. So we realized that change of mind is behavior change, behavior change is habit change, habits change can be grew up.

After that, the host arranged the video learning of Eagle's rebirth, we deeply understond that the company is striving to create conditions for the improvement of the working environment, living environment and welfare. That is what we need to abandon the bad habits in our whole life and work,  and gradually develop good habits. Only in this way can we remain competitive in society.

After the video learning, all member swore to do their best to participate in it. In the end, the Startup Conference was declared over with warm applause.

The end of the 6S Management Launch Conference marks the beginning of the company's comprehensive 6S management activities. Through this conference, the staff feel the full sense of determination and sincerity about  6S management by the company. Through the concerted efforts of all, it will break through the difficulties to achieve brilliant.