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Brand identity

The Logo of Starshine Drive consists of dynamic white pattern and static white round pattern.

The shape of the logo is concise with the combination of dynamics and statics, which accurately displays distinct characteristics of Starshine drive‘s industry development and expresses the developing idea of “dynamic or static, simple extraordinary”. It implies that Starshine is like a vibrant earth. We live together in this wonderful earth and carefully depict three most beautiful lines which is belonging to our own common “NO.1”

    Literally, “DRIVE” symbolizes the property of the field of gear reducer. Figuratively, it also implies the core of starshine’s cultural concept. 

    “DRIVE” symbolizes endless power of Startshine’s development and brand connotation of “full of power, constant running and   perpetual development” 

    “DRIVE” symbolizes that we must insist making value for customers. This is why starshine being here and what starshine strives for. 

    “DRIVE” symbolizes inheritance and action. Starshine is an expert with craftsman spirit of the military industrial enterprises; It also means action, action and action, which predicates the spirit of starshine: dare to challenge, reinvent ourselves, realize dreams.   

    “DRIVE” symbolizes passing on affection. It implies that Starshine People uphold their faith of customer success.  Starshine people stick to hard work & simple, honesty, self-criticism and innovation, thus achieve win-win cooperation between individuals and teams. Some venture partners are springing up in the interior of the company. We believe more and more business entrepreneurs from the 2nd generation will be born in the future.

Our values
  • Mission
    Focus on customers’requirement, provide competitive drive solution, insist creating value for customers
  • Core Value
    Core Value
    customer success, hard work & simple, self-criticism, innovation, honesty and teamwork
  • Spirit
    dare to challenge, reinvent ourselves, realize one’s dreams
  • Application Idea 
    Application Idea 
    Service: beyond customers’ expectation Talent: give me a dream, give you a stage Cooperation: to achieve others, to achieve own success in return Technology: face to scene, face to market, face to future Quality: insist on improvement, strive for excellence
Starshine presence